Regenerate Group presents: “Experiencing the Social Process Triangle” November 10, 2011 Minnesota Facilitators Network

BethMarie will present to the Minnesota Facilitators Network on Thursday, November 10 from 5:30- 8:30, Experiencing the Social Process Triangle. Whole Systems change management can be challenging. The Institute of Cultural Affairs developed The Social Process Triangle, which explores organizational, foundational and meaning giving triangles, all which are important when working to achieve balance in complex systems. Learn the importance of economic, cultural and political commonalities which need to be factored when developing and planning systems and projects. For more information and registrations go to: www.mnfacilitatorsorg.


Regenerate Group presents at the MN Chapter APA Conference Sept.28-30

BethMarie Ward and Cheryl Kartes will present  at the American Planning Association, MN Chapter in St. Cloud, MN. This year’s topic is Riding the Waves of Change. BethMarie and Cheryl, along with other Technology of Participation Facilitators, will present a 90 minute workshop about best practices in the art of focused conversations. For more details, see:


A necessary read.

Here is a link to an interview with of my biggest heroes, Peter Senge about his book The Necessary Revolution. I recommend his book if you are trying to get a grasp on the necessary changes we need to make to do better. Enjoy, BethMarie Business Week Interview with Peter Senge, The Necessary Revolution


Welcome to Regenerate!

Hello and Welcome to Regenerate Group,

Everyday, I have conversations with clients, colleagues, friends and strangers who consistently ask me the same questions, “Why are there so many dysfunctional organizations? Why is there so much inefficiency? What is the hold up in creating effective systems and positive work environments?” Well, it’s quite simple and yet complicated:  we are made up of human beings, and therefore we are messy. And from a bigger perspective, that’s not an entirely bad thing, since so much in our world has become automated and sanitized. We crave human connection! I believe that we can create healthier work environments, and I believe that it is we human beings who hold the key to our success. It’s all really just about figuring out how we come together  in creative ways and tapping into all of our ideas and insights. Sounds easy enough, but we at Regenerate Group have spent years living your challenges and we’ve found ways to help you do better. Please take a look at our site and let us know if we can help you!


BethMarie Ward, Owner and Principal