Organization Culture Shifts: Start with Yourself and Your Own Story

When I started Regenerate a few years ago, I had the business plan, the brand identity, the client niche, and most importantly, the dream. What I didn’t have was a full understanding of how important my own journey, both past and present, would play such an influential role in my relationships with clients. You can have the credentials, the processes and methodologies, read all the books, stay up on trends, and know all the jargon, but nothing replaces the importance of our own personal stories and how influence the way we interact and connect with each other. Quite frankly, if I hear one more organizational cure-all, I’m going to eat my hat! Everybody– cease and desist on looking for panaceas! It’s like one bad yo-yo diet after another– you’re better off to accept yourself as you are and make small lifestyle changes for the greater good than some drastic make-over only to find yourself two steps back in a couple of years.

What makes organizations so messy and yet wonderfully robust are the people and their own stories. These stories are important and need to be heard in order to understand each other and the value we can bring to our work. It doesn’t matter how many plans, studies, or “treatments” an organization imposes on itself, the bottom line is that the human capital is what makes the thing go. Now, how it functions is a whole different story, for a different post, but I just want to talk about getting at understanding our own personal stories and how that empowers us to work better together.

Application: Start journaling or walking or whatever it is that helps you reflect and interpret your story. Be honest and embrace your strengths and weaknesses– it will empower you and build a sense of humor.


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