Shift Happens

Regenerate has had a busy year helping many clients move from irrelevant,  ineffective, and outdated ways of existing and shifting to fresh, exciting, and better ways of co-existing. We call this shift, and it is essential in order to be a part of the 21st Century. Gone are the days of top- down organizational culture– welcome to organizational democracy, where everyone gets to participate!

We have shepherded several organizations and institutions this year that have passionate and caring people who want to be heard by their leaders, and the leaders are listening! They understand that if they want to be relevant, then they need to listen, and not just to their senior management, but all of their workers, especially the ones who put wheels on the machine and make it go everyday. It’s an amazing experience to witness organizations taking ownership in their planning; not just sit back and roll their eyes at another lame attempt at planning and backsliding into the status quo. We are seeing people empowered to do their work better and have a say in what that looks like.

We’ve also noticed that people are craving opportunities to build their teams. It used to be that people were hesitant and resistant to team building retreats, but we have been custom designing activities, where people are having a blast and participating in changing their organizations to more creative cultures. The accountability rates have shot up, and workers are excited to finally engage face to face and get away from their desks and boring routines. Senior managers see productivity go up, and not because they are being punitive with threats to lose their jobs or bullying on the sidelines. They are seeing  productivity go up, because their work culture is shifting from the old to tapping into new energy and making great ideas happen.

We are thrilled to help work cultures change for the better and we have had a remarkable year of  witnessing  shift happening!

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