Why Regenerate?

Regenerate Group gets a lot of positive feedback about our name, because it says so much and universally applies to organizational and individual life cycles. When I was working on my Master’s Degree a a few years ago, I was exploring sustainability, renewable energy, and environmental life cycles. We hear so much about “green” and more recently, “sustainable,” but I found that I had to challenge the word– sustainability.

One day, while walking through my favorite dog park on the Mississippi River, I was out in the woods and noticed how different the landscape had become from ten years earlier. Many of the densely populated trees had fallen down, the soil was eroding in some places, and the shoreline became very narrow. At first, I felt a great deal of sadness and despair about the changes, but then I stopped and looked closely at the downed trees. I saw fungi, moss, bugs and saw that these microbial life forms would eventually create new life. So in nature, nothing really sustains or stays the same, it is regenerative. This helped me to see how organizational life is very similar.

We are living through a major paradigm shift. It’s painful. But I challenge you to try looking at your organization through the lens of regeneration. Through facilitative and shared leadership, stronger and more creative teams and systems emerge and we become more relevant to the times. Regenerate.

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